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Sometimes while browsing websites using Chrome, you can see a yellow prompt showup. How can I trigger that prompt for my own websites?

For example try going to the The Independent's website and you will be prompted "The Independent now has a Google Chrome Extension. Get the latest news on the topics you like, direct to your browser."

I have previously seen this prompt on as well, however I assumed that that was something internal for google only websites. This is the first time I have seen the prompt for Non-Google owned websites.

Screenshot showing The Independent's website

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It's a custom look-a-like they've made. Take a look at their javascript file here:

It does most of the work. You might be able to get some ideas from there :)

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I assume you need to check this question: Chrome - Notify User to install your extension

Looks like there are no standard API for defining extension available for particular site – so you need to imitate such behavior with JS.

If I made a mistake, feel free to correct me in comments.

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You are looking for the Infobars API, but this feature is only available for extensions.

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