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I'm writing a Regex to validate email. The only one thing confuse me is:

Is it possible to have single character for top level domain name? (e.g.: lockevn.c)

Background: I knew top level domain name can be from 2 characters to anything (.uk, .us to .canon, .museum). I read some documents but can figure out does it allow 1 character or not.

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2 Answers

It is technically possible, however, there are no single character tlds that have been accepted into the root (as of the moment) so the answer is:

Yes, it is possible to have single character for top level domain name, however, there are currently no single character TLDs in the root.

You can see the list of TLDs that are currently in the root at this URL:

RFC-1123 section 2.1 specifically allowed single letter domains & subdomains.

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I'm not sure about the internet standard, but in practice, no.





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Thanks, but your points seem to be outdate. With sqa.fyicenter.fyicenter, the test result is "The specified domain name has an INVALID format." ==> WRONG, because you can have whatever like canon, microsoft as top level domain name. –  LockeVN Oct 13 '11 at 8:25
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