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I was trying to define a functor and print each individual items of list in prolog, but prolog is not printing in correct format.

rint(L):- write(H).

the output is like rint([a, s,v ,c]). _L139 true.

This is what i expect to achieve by calling the functor, any help or thought is appreciated, i'm new to prolog and learning it.

?- rint([a,b,c,d]).

.(a, .(b, .(c, .(d, []))))

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I think it should be

rint(L) :- write(L).

Also if you want .(a, .(b, .(c, .(d, [])))) and not [a, b, c, d] in output, use display:

rint(L) :- display(L).
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