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I have used the function point analysis and the COCOMO 2 estimation model to determine the duration and effort required to build a application. My question is whether does the calculated duration includes duration taken during the requirements gathering stage where the requirements are collected and refined and the creation of the diagram such as use-case, class, activity and so on ? Or is the calculated duration is purely for the implementation phase (codin,testing and debuggin and so on) ? I think it is purely for the implementation phase but i cannot find any materials to confirm my doubt. Any help provided will be greatly appreciated.

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COCOMO II model estimates include the design stage (as you mentioned use case, diagrams and so on) but unless you are working on large (several man year) projects, it might not be the most suitable model for your business. This article describes differences between cost models: Differences Between COCOMO, COSYSMO, REVIC, Function Points and WMFP


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Thanks man. That helped. –  abduls85 Sep 26 '11 at 2:34

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