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I've been playing around with Scala, trying to get SMR to compile in Scala IDE with 2.9.1. SMR seems to have gone untouched since 2008-ish, and there are a lot of unresolved compile errors. The one that I am getting stuck on is this line:


ClosureMapper is defined thus:

class ClosureMapper[K1,V1,K2,V2] extends MapRunnable[Writable,Writable,Writable,Writable] { 

and the error I get is:

type mismatch; 
found : java.lang.Class[smr.hadoop.ClosureMapper[_, _, _, _]](classOf[smr.hadoop.ClosureMapper]) 
required: java.lang.Class[_ <: org.apache.hadoop.mapred.MapRunnable]

So it looks to me like the JobConf class's setMapRunnerClass method is constraining the type parameter to inherit from MapRunnable (which ClosureMapper does), but more specifically MapRunnable's raw type, which Scala doesn't seem to appreciate.

I have tried the following, but got a different error:


That one gives class ClosureMapper takes type parameters

Any ideas on how to get Scala to recognize the raw type constraint?

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You might have to specify a bound for the type parameters of ClosureMapper:

jobConf.setMapRunnerClass(classOf[ClosureMapper[_ <: ClosureMapper[_],_ <: ClosureMapper[_],_ <: ClosureMapper[_],_ <: ClosureMapper[_]]]);
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This doesn't seem to do it. For one, the 4 type arguments to ClosureMapper are constrained to Writable, not ClosureMapper. Secondly, even if I specify classOf[ClosureMapper[Writable,Writable,Writable,Writable]], it doesn't work because for some reason it cannot infer that the (fully specified) ClosureMapper class isn't also a raw MapRunnable. – Chris Shain Sep 14 '11 at 18:11

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