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I have collection of documents Message in RavenDB. Definition:

class Message
    string Content;
    Tag[] Tags;

class Tag
    string Value;

And i have index:

from doc in docs.Messages
from docTagsItem in (IEnumerable<dynamic>)doc.Tags
select new { Content = doc.Content, TagsValue = docTagsItem.Value }

Here we have field with name TagsValue which isn't part of class Message, that's why i can't using


How should query this index from .NET by TagValue? Should i use Advanced.LuceneQuery?

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Because you use Linq you need to create a type with that property to query that, or you can use Lucene API.

Note that you don't actually need to make a query like that using a static index, you can do that using just dynamic indexes and pure linq.

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