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How to set this Layout in iPhone need Some help

I draw image in imageview.

enter image description here

I have one image view and Button is there.

When i draw something it show like this,

enter image description here

I dont wan't to show drawing on that button.

How can i do that?

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Please post details of method you used for drawing... –  Mohammad Sep 14 '11 at 5:42

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There are 2 approaches:

1) You can do this IB:

Drag your UIImageView in IB to bottom of your stack subviews of view where your UIView (where you are drawing) is placed.

Stack of subviews

2) You can do this in code:

Push your view on the top of views using following method

- (void)bringSubviewToFront:(UIView *)view

For example:

UILabel * labelgreen;
[labelgreen.superview bringSubviewToFront:labelgreen];
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