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We'are going to join 2 (two) IIS7 web-servers into NLB with the same web-service published (2 instances of the same web-service one per web-server).

  • Do I understand correctly, that NLB will work for my web-services, deligating web-requests to one or another instance?
  • How will NLB work if one of web-service instance becomes unavailable (i.e. starts to throw SOAP exceptions or HTTP errors)?
  • Will NLB take into account the average web-service response time to decide web-service instance to deligate processing?

Thank you in advance!

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You'll be able to find the answers here

But to help you ahead:

  • Yes, it will distribute requests to both hosts
  • No as long as there is a heartbeat (and that doesn't come from your app but from the NLB system itself)
  • No
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