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I am trying to get a very simple Chrome Extension working.

When a specific page loads, I want to find a certain control (Textbox, button etc) and then change the text of that control.

I have this working with normal JavaScript however after trying to setup a Chrome Extension it now does not work.

Here is the code:

var interval = setInterval(
    function () {
        document.getElementById('textarea').firstChild.data = "Changed Text !";
, 500);

"running." is being printed to the console however no matter what I do using document.getElement(s)By anything always returns null or empty array.

What am I missing? Thanks.

Sorry I forgot to mention, that code is in the Content script file. That's all that's in the script.

And just an FYI, I turned it into a userscript (greasemonkey) and it works fine when letting Chrome install the user.js file. Once switching to an actual extension it stops working.

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Is this code in a script element in the head element? –  Erik Philips Sep 14 '11 at 6:09
That's the wrong way to set the value of a textarea. It will work before the value has been changed (by the user or by script) but not thereafter. Use its value property instead. –  Tim Down Sep 14 '11 at 8:36

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