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I am using LINQ with Entity Framework, and I need to get the SQL server time. Can anyone tell me how can I create a method so it retrieves the current server time? Thank you.

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Look at this post:stackoverflow.com/questions/200617/… –  CjCoax Sep 14 '11 at 6:23
I was looking at that code before, but I didn't know how to express it in VB.Net, but thank you :) –  Reigo Hein Sep 14 '11 at 7:02
C# > VB.NET > C# converter: developerfusion.com/tools/convert/csharp-to-vb –  Chad Levy Sep 14 '11 at 8:41
@CjCoax The post you suggest is about Linq to SQL, not Entity Framework –  surfen Nov 13 '11 at 23:34
This is more related: stackoverflow.com/questions/683496/… –  surfen Nov 14 '11 at 0:03

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Just execute a ExecuteStoreQuery command.

Dim dateTimeVal As DateTime = context.ExecuteStoreQuery(Of DateTime)("select getdate()").First()
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It tells me that DateTime is a type and cannot be used as an expression and ExecuteStoreQuery says "Overload resolution failed because no accessible 'ExecuteStoreQuery' accepts this number of arguments –  Reigo Hein Sep 14 '11 at 6:40
pastebin.com/CtkMhh3B, here, the comments dont like code –  Reigo Hein Sep 14 '11 at 6:41
@Reigo my answer was in C#. Converted it to vb.net. See the updated answer. –  Eranga Sep 14 '11 at 6:50
@Reigo Replace <Of DateTime> with (Of DateTime). Sorry i am not familiar with vb.net. –  Eranga Sep 14 '11 at 7:01
This post helped me to find a solution for C# .NET 3.5: try return this.CreateQuery<DateTime>("CurrentDateTime()").Execute(MergeOption.NoTracking).‌​First(); –  surfen Nov 14 '11 at 0:04

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