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I get suddenly the below error on my server with Authlogic

NoMethodError (undefined method `valid_password?' for #):

authlogic (2.1.3) [v] lib/authlogic/session/password.rb:191:in `send'

authlogic (2.1.3) [v] lib/authlogic/session/password.rb:191:in `validate_by_password'

authlogic (2.1.3) [v] lib/authlogic/session/callbacks.rb:72:in `validate'

authlogic (2.1.3) [v] lib/authlogic/session/validation.rb:64:in `valid?'

authlogic (2.1.3) [v] lib/authlogic/session/existence.rb:65:in `save'

app/controllers/user_session_controller.rb:162:in `create'

pdfkit (0.5.1) lib/pdfkit/middleware.rb:16:in `call'

Cant get the issue sudden happen? Is there any one knows regarding this then please help?

Thanks, Chirag Shah

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I'm having the same issue. Please report back if you find a fix. –  James Sep 16 '11 at 0:21

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