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The root user can install quicklisp successfully. Howvever the ordinary user cannot.

I do not know why. Could anyone here shed a light on me?

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You do not need root privileges in order to use or install Quicklisp.

The “permission denied” error you're getting is a general Unix issue, not a Quicklisp one. It results from you having installed Quicklisp as root. Your ~/quicklisp directory is now owned by root while it ought to be owned by your non-root user account. The simplest solution is to remove the ~/quicklisp directory and start over without using sudo.

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non-root user cannot work, please see below –  z_axis Sep 16 '11 at 0:37

sorry did not catch it well with given short message.

I guess with root privilege, one can install the files to /usr or somewhere, while commonly ordinary user are not granted to do.

haven't be using quicklisp, but i guess running it does not require special privilege.

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