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I followed the tutorial by Google and included el-api-2.2.jar and el-impl-2.2.jar to WEB-INF/lib. My test case is simple:

<f:view contentType="text/html">
  <h:form id="f1">
    <p:commandLink action="#{parameterBean.test(myString)}">
      <h:outputText value="test"/>

The action method is just a public void test(String s) {log.log(Level.INFO, "T: "+s);}. I The log shows (during initial rendering of the page):

javax.faces.view.facelets.TagAttributeException: /jsf/admin/test/parameter.xhtml
@15,62 action="#{parameterBean.test('myString')}" Error Parsing:
Caused by: javax.el.ELException: Error Parsing: #{parameterBean.test('myString')}
Caused by: org.apache.el.parser.ParseException: Encountered " "(" "( ""
at line 1, column 21.
  Was expecting one of: "}" "." "[" ">" ...

I think this error is GAE specific and I'm wondering where org.apache.el.parser comes into the game, since the el-libs provide the following packages:

  • el-api-2.2.jar: javax.el.*
  • el-impl-2.2.jar: com.sun.el.*

Note During investigation of this problem I checked the Unified Expression Language web site (given in the tutorial) again and only found el-api-1.1.jar and el-impl-1.1.jar as the latest versions. The error stays the same.

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You can use the `jboss-el.jar' for that purpose

Here.. take a look at issue opened on google about it

Inability to use EL API 2.2

just put jboss-el.jar (of jboss seam 2) in the lib folder

and add this line in your web.xml


can't find the direct link to jar at the moment... I guess a bit of googleing required

found this for now.... http://www.seamframework.org/Seam2/Downloads


Just noticed its an old thread...

anyway I think you can get the right one from here Download jboss-el.jar

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this works for me on localhost. i cannot get this working on deployment though! –  Aayush Jan 14 at 4:48
make sure that you did deploy the proper jar. and make sure that you are running the updated version of your app (try killing previous sessions etc') if wont help try asking a new question. –  Daniel Jan 14 at 8:13

Normally the web application servlet class loader loads the classes in the following order:

  1. WEB-INF/classes
  2. WEB-INF/lib/*.jar
  3. other classes from the servlet container.

Unfortunately, for security reasons, Google has a messed up non Servlet conformant class loader on their GAE, and their classes have priority over the classes you might have in the jars from your WEB-INF/lib or your own WEB-INF/classes.

Since GAE bundles EL 1.1 you are stucked with it until google decides to update their GAE version - don't hold your breath though.

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