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I lern Python and try to do parcer for html table and then I wont to create .csv file for import data into mySQL.

>>> htmlread = handlestatbydate.read()
>>> soup = BeautifulSoup("".join(htmlread))
>>> souptable = soup('tbody', limit=2)[1].findAll('tr')
>>> souptablestr = ''.join(str(t) for t in souptable)
>>> reclearbyonce = re.compile('</tr><tr>\n|^<tr>\n|</tr>$')
>>> recleartd = re.compile(r'</td>|<td.*?>')
>>> retdtd = re.compile('""| ')
>>> soupclearbyonce = reclearbyonce.sub('', souptablestr)
>>> soupcleartd = recleartd.sub('"', soupclearbyonce)
>>> souptdtd = retdtd.sub('","', soupcleartd)
>>> print souptdtd

Then, I create csv file and have error.

>>> tablecsv = file(r'/tmp/table.csv', 'w')
>>> tablecsv.write("".join(souptdtd))
>>> tablecsv = (r'/tmp/table.csv', 'r')
>>> print tablecsv.read()

    print tablecsv.read()
AttributeError: 'tuple' object has no attribute 'read

Unfortunately, I can't understad when and how I can create tuple. Could somebody explain me when I wrong and how to fix it?

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Omg... shure. I should go to sleep, stupid error =) Thanks a lot! – Abdus Sep 14 '11 at 8:11
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You have missed the method name here: tablecsv = (r'/tmp/table.csv', 'r') i.e. you probably want to open the file .e.g tablecsv = open(r'/tmp/table.csv', 'r')

You should also close the file after writing before reading from it with tablecsv.close()

If you just have a list of items in brackets e.g. (r'/tmp/table.csv', 'r') then this creates a tuple.

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