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I have some strange errors with rails 3 relations.

if @user.class.name == "Candidat"
  @sessiontests=@user.Sessiontests.where(:terminate => false)
  @sessiontests = Sessiontest.not_terminated

I am unable to use my named scope not_terminated on @user.Sessiontests. I get a "can't dump file" error.

I'm getting the same kind of error, when i'm trying this :

@sessiontest =@candidat.Sessiontests.where("datetest > ?", Date.today)

It works perfectly. But when i move this code into a function of my model. I get again the "can't dump file" error. The function works and returns me the right object but rails crash.

Any ideas ?

Edit :

I mean : @sessiontests=@user.Sessiontests.where(:terminate => false) works. But : @sessiontests=@user.Sessiontests.not_terminated crash with my error.

My scope : scope :not_terminated, where("terminate != ? ", true )

And @sessiontest =@candidat.Sessiontests.where("datetest > ?", Date.today) works perfectly in my controller. But : @sessiontest = @candidat.my_function #in controller

#in my model candidat
def myfunction
   results=self.Sessiontests.where("datetest > ?", Date.today)
   return results

didn't work.

Whereas : @count = @candidat.my_function_count #in controller

#in my model candidat
def myfunction
   count = self.Sessiontests.where("datetest > ?", Date.today).count
   return count

Works perfectly.

My relation one to many (1 candidat to many sessiontests), is named :Sessiontests.

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@user.Sessiontests - you've written Sessiontests purposely with uppercase or is it a typo? –  socjopata Sep 14 '11 at 8:30
Hi, that's purposely. –  perello Sep 14 '11 at 8:40
Ugh, don't write it like that--it's really confusing. I doubt without more info we'll be able to help. –  Dave Newton Sep 14 '11 at 9:44

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