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I have following code for drop down box on my jsp which is populated through a comma seperated string values kept in a properties file. Selecting any of those values user performs a search which is passed as a query string. However my requirement is such that for a particular value displayed in the drop down "My Application", but while sending the search request it should be sent as "MyApp". Any thoughts on how to achieve this since it is only for one particular value and rest of the values sent in the query string would be same as displayed in the drop down???

<option id="classification" value="${values}">${values}</option>
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You'll need to create a Map<String, String> with all values and labels.


Map<String, String> options = new LinkedHashMap<String, String>();

for (String value : values.split(",")) {
    if (value.equals("My Application")) {
        options.put("MyApp", value);
    } else {
        options.put(value, value);

which you display as follows:

<c:forEach items="${options}" var="option">
    <option value="${option.key}">${option.value}</option>

I think it's better to to specify both the value and label in the properties file. E.g.

values = MyApp=My Application,FooApp=Foo Application,EtcApp=Etc Application


for (String valueAndLabel : valuesAndLabels.split(",")) {
    String[] parts = valueAndLabel.split("=");
    options.put(parts[0], parts[1]);
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