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Is it a good practice using global variables in a VB (.NET) application in order to exchange data between forms?

As global variable I mean a public variable defined in a module and not a public member or property of a class. Moreover as my personal rule I never access a global variable from a class, but I pass the values to the class via functions.

I know, I am not a friend a global variables and their abuse, but there are some cases in forms data exchange where they seem to be to only way to make simple/clear code.

Example 1: my application is started with command line args. I need to access to this arguments in all my forms: i just read and validate the arguments in my MDI-load event and then store them in global variables. Thus I can read these values in a very simply way from all my forms.

Example 2: I'm developing a program that write application's events in a EventLog protocol (like the Windows EventLog). I wrote the class EventLog that handles adding, showing, saving, sorting the EventLog. Then I put in a module the global variable gEventLog as istance of the class EventLog and created the object when the MDI form is loaded. In this way I have a global variable and I can handle the EventLog from each forms (MDI and child) in my program. On the other hand I could have created EventLog as public member or property of my MDI form and it would have been the same.

I found and read already some discussions, but more tailored on C programming or basic discussion issues, like in:

Are global variables bad?


and on vb this:

Declare global varibles in VB 2010

Any suggestions about the particular case of data exchange between forms (and not between classes and other components of the program)? Thank you.

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What about using an IoC Container?

Inversion of control (definition from Wikipedia)

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Never read about IoC... I've just done for the first time, thank you :-) But IoC would mean designing again all my projects. IoC is an interesting approach, but I think one must start from scratch... –  gingo Sep 14 '11 at 10:34
A refactoring will of course be needed but this was not your question that ask for any suggestions about the particular case of data exchange between forms. You can also use a ServiceLocator : msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff648968.aspx. This way you could encapsulate you command line and logging in a service that your form will be able to consume. –  doitgood Sep 14 '11 at 19:15

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