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I am developing an application where I need to drag and drop a browser in my wp7 screen.So can any body tel me how can we drag and drop a web browser control in a wp7 screen Code Examples will do good to me Thank You

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Just declare a web browser control in XAML. Designer drag-drop functionality is not the best approach if you are arranging controls on any container, other then Canvas.

Usage would be like this;


<WebBrowser .../>

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If you are talking about allowing the user to be able to drag the control within the running app then you can't do this with the control directly and still allow touch manipulation of the content. You could do this by putting a transparent control over the top of the WebBrowser and making that draggable and duplicating the movements of this transparent control to update the WebBrowser's position.

Such behaviour in an app would likely be very unusual and I'd recommend testing such interaction with users thoroughly and also exploring other ways of achieving the same result.

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