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I'm calling a function in my javascript at onmouseover. In the function call I include the srcElement (which is an a-tag). Now I need to get the offsetWidth of the closest Iframe of that a-tag. But when i try this:


I get undefined! This doesn't work either:


But this works and returns the id of the body inside the iframe:


This is my function call in the html:

showPeopleDetails('User_Matt', event.clientX, event.clientY, event.srcElement);

This is the javascript function:

function showPeopleDetailsNow(UserId, x, y, srcElement){
   currentwidth = $(document).width();
   currentheight = $(document).height();
   adjustwidth = $(srcElement).closest('iframe').offset().left;
   adjustheight = $(srcElement).closest('iframe').offset().top;
   var calculatedheight = currentheight - adjustheight;
   var calculatedwidth = currentwidth - adjustwidth;

Right now I'm doing it this way, but this only works for one part of my page. As the id is generated dynamically by a framework.

   adjustwidth = parent.document.getElementById('ivuFrm_page0ivu0').contentWindow.document.getElementById('ivuFrm_page0ivu2').offsetWidth;
   adjustheight = parent.document.getElementById('ivuFrm_page0ivu0').contentWindow.document.getElementById('ivuFrm_page0ivu2').offsetHeight;

Is there any way to get the offset from the body tag (and would it be the correct offset of the iframe? I know that I can get the width of the body-element, but it is not accurate by a few px... Obviously even better would be the correct offset of the Iframe! The Iframe has the same port, protocol and host as the original page. I only need it to work with internet explorer 8. Help is much appreciated!

Update: After proposed solution from Felix Kling and scr4ve I found out that I can't use the offset of the body element or the html element! Since both offsets return 0, I assume that the Iframe element is the only object in the dom who has the correct offset relative to the document. Any suggestions how to get that specific offset?

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The problem is that the iframe belongs to the outer document and not to the inner one. The iframe does not exist in inner documents hierarchy, html is always the top. –  Felix Kling Sep 14 '11 at 9:27

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After doing some more research on the subject I found the solution to my problem, by basing it on the solution provided by ingredient_15939 in this stackoverflow question: Access Parent Iframe As Felix Kling suggested the IFRAME does not exist in the document hierarchy, so I search all Iframes for the matching body of my a tag. My final code works as follows:

var searchbody = $(srcElement).closest('body');
var arrFrames = document.getElementsByTagName("iframe");

for(i = 0; i<arrFrames.length; i++){
    //I search and compare every IFRAME to the closest body of my srcElement
        if(arrFrames[i].id != 'PeopleDetailsIframe'){
        //The found IFrame has to be the one containing my a-tag
                offsetwidth = $(arrFrames[i]).offset().left;
                offsetheight = $(arrFrames[i]).offset().top;
                  //console.log("Iframe not found");
                //Iframe has security issues --> avoid it

Hope this can help someone else as well!

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According to the docs, .closest() only considers direct ancestors. I guess your iframe is not a direct parent of your a-tag? Have a closer look at the docs for Tree Traversal. .silbings() may match your needs.

By the way, consider using console.log rather than alert.

Update after clarification: $("html").offset() is suffcient and more performant in this case. There's only one html tag in the frame, no need for .closest(). OP might be interested in .outerWidth() / Height, too.

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direct ancestors !== direct parent . Ultimately, the whole document is inside the iframe so one could think of it as the ancestor of every node inside the document. –  Felix Kling Sep 14 '11 at 9:35
I am talking about <body><a/><iframe/></body>. You're talking about <body><iframe><a/></iframe></body>. I'm quite not sure what the real problem looks like. –  Maximilian Hils Sep 14 '11 at 9:41
True. But from the fact that the OP mentions the body element, I suspect the link being inside the iframe. –  Felix Kling Sep 14 '11 at 9:44
Yes! Sry for the late reply, but the link is indeed in the iframe. And I need to traverse the DOM-Tree up to the closest iframe of that link. Which is the particular Iframe I want. For now I'm getting the width of the closest body-element, which is the body element of the iframe, but as said it is a few px inaccurate. –  Abhischek Sep 14 '11 at 9:53
Well you're right. OP fooled me by using .closest() unnecessarily. $("html").offset() is sufficient and more performant. –  Maximilian Hils Sep 14 '11 at 9:57

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