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i m working with extjs 4 & rails 3. I want to have validation for uniqueness of field that is on extjs form. I want to have validation on Rails model for uniqueness, so i have done follwing on my rails model :

validates_uniqueness_of :search_key, :message => "Duplicate value found"

I am inserting new values of form into store as follows :


If validation fails, the record does not get inserted into database. Now I want to pop an alert box indicating that the entry is duplicate when validation fails, so that user can edit field. How can i make this communication betwn rails controller & extjs form for validation? Also would rails callback will be useful in it?

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Here is how to pass messages returned from server to extjs app, I assume you can modify this to suit your need, or let me know if I need to clarify anything:


in model, add:

proxy: {
  type: 'rest',
  url: '/manifest-items',
  reader: {
    type: 'json', // We expect the server to give us a JSON string as a response
    root: 'rows',
    totalProperty: 'total',
    messageProperty: 'message',

Rails Controller

Then, in both cases of error or success, returned response should be:

render :json => {:success => false, :message => "some error", :rows => [something], :total => x}.to_json

Back to Extjs

In extjs, the message can be accessed as follows:

important: note the difference between getting error message in failure and success cases.

  success: function(records, operation) {
  failure: function(records, operation) {
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thats exactly what im trying to do but ur exemple is not clear to me at all! –  Armance Wissal Oct 26 '11 at 16:41

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