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First of all, I know that you shouldn't try to use regex to modify XML, this is a special case where I have to do that anyway and not use a parser.

I want this:

<nicetag_A-B>Teststring X-Y</nicetag_A-B>

To look like this:

<nicetag_>Teststring X-Y</nicetag_>

In short, I want to remove [any letter]-[any-letter] but only from the tag, not the actual content inside.

This is my regex so far:

Regex.Replace(inputString, @"(<.*?[a-zA-Z])\-([a-zA-Z].*?>)", "$1$2");

The problem with this is that it only works for the example above, if the tag would be named without A-B, the inner content (X-Y) would be replaced instead.

Any ideas?

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Your example isn't working, its replacing only the hyphen in the tag.

Try this here


and replace with $1$2

See it online here on Regexr

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Perfect, it worked! And yes, Regexr kicks ass :) –  Andreas Sep 14 '11 at 10:20

You could try [^>\s]* (match everything except > and whitespace) instead of .*, assuring you're still in the tag name.

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Can't you just replace [a-zA-Z]-[a-zA-Z]> with >?

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