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I do have two application, e.g. "frontend" and "b2b". Frontend is my main application for users. b2b is then of course for business-customers. When I am going to type

www.myhomepage.com -> My routing goes to something like frontend/module/start/index.php

When I am going to type:

www.myhomepage.com/b2b.php/ -> My routing goes to something like b2b/module/b2bstart/index.php

How can I set the routing that when I type

www.myhomepage.com/b2b that I got to b2b/module/b2bstart/index.php???



PS: Using symofony 1.4

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A way could be to use a rule inside the file .htaccess:

RewriteRule ^b2b myproject/web/b2b.php [NC,L]

I used this type of rule, positioned after RewriteEngine On, in the file .htaccess outside to my project folder

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