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I have just upgraded our TFS 2008 to TFS 2010. We have a few project areas in our source control and in 2008 they all seemed to have their own build queue, i.e. we could have 2 builds going on if there were in different projects.

However in 2010 there seems to be only one queue. If i queue a build in project A and there is already a build going on in Project B, the Project A build wont start until Project B's build completes.

Can anyone shed any light on this matter? Is it a configuration/setup issue that can be altered?

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In TFS2010, each Collection has a Build Controller associated to it. Each build controller can have 1 or multiple build agents running your builds. So you can build multiple solutions in parallel, just the setup of the build environment is more advanced and scalable than in previous releases.

enter image description here

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Take a look at this : TFS Team Build 2010: What’s New?

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