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Haven't really found any answers that give me quite what I need.

I have a page in an application that is designed to be part of a three-step process, one of which is to invite friends. I'd like to display the friend multi-select form inline on that page - so not using the modal popup, and not using the interstitial http://www.facebook.com/dialog/apprequests?app_id=APP_ID&redirect_uri=REDIRECT_URI&message=abc method (since that takes the user away from the branded page).

Is there any way to get that form into an application's page, inline? I naively tried using an iframe but that just gives me the "go to Facebook" auth error page inside the frame.

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This question was answered already here on another question (that was actually asking something totally different)

The solution is to combine FB.XFBML.parse with serverFbml which will render Facebook's own form in your own pages as though it belonged there.

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The documentation for the facebook api is probably more complicated than the api itself! –  hollsk Sep 14 '11 at 12:00

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