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A friend was as stumped as I am with this question and suggested that I ask you here.

I'm trying to hack the Directory.php file of the Wordpress Mingle plugin so that it inserts a value from a custom field into the Directory entry. I would attach a screenie of the custom field SQL table, but I'm not allowed. I've uploaded it the site HERE

What I've written so far is:

<?php _e('Area of Creative Practice:', 'mingle'); ?> 
<?php echo $profile->wp_mngl_custom_field_values->DON'T HAVE A BLOODY CLUE ?>

Where DON'T HAVE A BLOODY CLUE is obviously the bit I can't sort out (I think it is, anyway). What I want it to do is to insert the value of id 17 in this case, "Fine Art/Visual Art" from any user profile into the Area of Creative Practice on this page:

Any & all help gratefully received.

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yup :) copied the draft link, this works.. – Marty Sep 14 '11 at 14:17

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