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I have MS outlook for Mac on Snow Leopard 10.6.8. I created a Mailing List Manager for a standard mailing list (gstreamer-devel). Works great at capturing the inoming list messages and puts them into the appropriate *Gstreamer) folder.

When I read the postings I discard most of them. I would like to keep one or two and throw away most of them.

And that's where my problem is: when I discard the postings either by pressing delete or by dragging the posts to the "Deleted Items" folder, they come back. To actually discard them I have to immediately right click the "Deleted Items" folder and select Empty Folder. I have a few seconds to, perhaps, half a minute to get this done.

So, how do I tell the Mailing List Manager to only diphon mail from the Inbox and to leave the trash alone?

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