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edit: more general question: I like the box-shadow on divs, however when I place a div directly below the box-shadow'd div, that bottom part of the shadow doesn't overlay on top despite messing with z-indexes. So it seems like box-shadow cannot overlay another div? Any ideas would be great!

original question- I am using blueprint for a layout. This means there's a .container of 950px which then contains a #content.

In this case the #content fills the whole container so is also 950px.

I would like to have a drop shadow on the #content, but the problem is the shadow gets cut off since there is no space left to see it in the .container.

A workaround would be to decrease the width of the #content but that messes up the layout positionings I already have, and it looks too narrow.

Is there a way to get the box shadow to kind of ignore the parent container and appear over it? This isn't blueprint specific I guess, but that's the context. thanks!


body .container {
    margin: 0 auto;
    overflow: hidden;
    width: 950px;
body .container:after {
    clear: both;
    content: "";
    display: table;
#content {
    display: inline;
    float: left;
    margin-right: 0;
    width: 950px;
    box-shadow: 0 0 4px black;
    -moz-box-shadow: 0 0 4px black;

#content is directly in .container. If I put a drop shadow on #content you can't see it until I shrink the width, which messes with the inside elements.

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Could you include a jsFiddle so we can see what restrictions or limitations there are. I have some ideas, but depending on what you have to work with, they may or may not work. – Xander Lamkins Sep 14 '11 at 12:31
How are you generating the drop shadow? (I didn't think CSS box-shadows got clipped by the parent container by default?) Can we see some code? – Matt Gibson Sep 14 '11 at 13:01
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I would add some padding to the .container element and ensure that your #content stays at the width you need.

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hmm yeah I think this may be the only solution...will mark it as answer if no one else comments with updated code... – butterywombat Sep 15 '11 at 2:18

You don't need the overflow: hidden on the .container, since you already use clear fix on it. So, you can just throw it away: http://jsfiddle.net/kizu/gDXLf/

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thanks for this tip – butterywombat Sep 20 '11 at 15:05

You could make the .container wider (960 is perfectly acceptable for a fixed width) and keep the #content centered inside the .container. Does that mess up anything for you?

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hmm I could try that, except I am using the compass gem to make blueprint less inline with html. so the mixin it comes with makes the container 950 by default – butterywombat Sep 14 '11 at 14:04

It all depends what you are trying to achieve.

I was having difficulty with an inline-block group of list items. The right shadow was cut off by the list item next to it upon hover

A simple hack is to just add the following to the element:

li:hover {
    transform: scale(1,1);
    -moz-transform: scale(1,1);
    -webkit-transform: scale(1,1);
    -o-transform: scale(1,1);
    -ms-transform: scale(1,1);


Although, this may only work for specific scenarios. I have only tested it on my example above.

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