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I'm doing a fine performance tuning of MVC 2 application (webforms as view engine, linq2SQl as orm layer). I'm using mvc mini-profiler to profile page rendering. I'm not use (at the moment) any output cache.

I notice a little strange behavior on almost all the pages of my site.

When I first hit a page it takes about 200ms to render, where I have about 15ms of db query time (a call to a stored proc).

All the subsequent hit to the same page are rendered in about 20ms, where the query remains to about 15ms. So in this case I assume the page is rendered in about 6ms.

If I don't hit the page for about 5 minutes (and there isn't any other request) and I try now to hit the same page it takes 200ms to render with all subsequent call in the order of 18-20ms. Also I have verified that no IIS app pool recycling has happened.

Is suspect that there is somewhere in the MVC framework a cache that are invalidated after some minutes and that needs to be fine tuned.

Any ideas?

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What about your <compilation debug="true"> setting in web.config? If you have debug=true, change to false. – Mikael Östberg Sep 14 '11 at 12:35
The debug attribute is at the default value, so False. – Lorenzo Melato Sep 14 '11 at 12:39

The default cache for webforms view location is 15 minutes or so. You can increase this like so:

foreach (var viewEngine in ViewEngines.Engines.OfType<VirtualPathProviderViewEngine>())
    viewEngine.ViewLocationCache = new DefaultViewLocationCache(TimeSpan.FromHours(24));

More details are available here:

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It is surely an improvement but it not solve my problem, thanks. – Lorenzo Melato Sep 15 '11 at 9:19

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