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I have a JSP page, where some parts of the pages are loaded from the backend using AJAX. For example, when I first open the page, the URL is The page contains an "add user" button, which loads HTML content (containing a form etc.) from the backend to the div-element with id "addArea". The URL stays the same the whole time (naturally), as the request is done in the background.

The problem I have is that the content loaded using AJAX is not completely viewable with any means.

Using Firefox I can see the new HTML with the Firebug add-on and "Inspect element", but the content within the script-tags is not visible that way (also not in the "Script" tab in Firebug - only the originally loaded scripts appear there). If I use "View page source" in FF a page reload is executed and I don't see the newly generated content (I only see the content of page as it was when first loaded).

With Chrome I have the same problem as with Firefox.

Using IE I see only the original source.

Of course I can work around this by adding debugging mechanisms to the JS code and working half-blind, or moving parts of the JS code to external files etc., but if by any means possible, I would prefer to just view the code loaded using AJAX. Any suggestions, perhaps using some add-on?

Update: There is a better way: see the accepted answer for this question: How to debug dynamically loaded javascript(with jquery) in the browser's debugger itself?

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You can use the JavaScript Deobfuscator extension for that. It can show you what scripts are compiled/executed on a webpage - including the ones that were loaded dynamically.

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Works great, thanks. – simon Sep 14 '11 at 13:15

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