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something like..

String string1 = "R.layout.main";

How do i go about doing that? Or is their a similar way of doing it? Or am i doing it the wrong way?

Thanks in advance.

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Not that the getResources().getIdentifier() method mentioned in all of the answers below 'may' not work if you obfuscate your code. –  Gaurav Sep 14 '11 at 13:36
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int id= getResources().getIdentifier("main", "layout", "yourpackagename"),


try this

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You should use the method

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Try this

int id = getResources().getIdentifier("main", "layout", "package");
setContentView(id)  // Whatever you may give to view..
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use this code to get string to id (int) value

String string1 = "main";
setContentView(getResources().getIdentifier("layout/" + string1, null, getPackageName()));
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try this method:


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