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Regarding the following jvm flags below:


Do they represent a minimum or a maximum heap of 256MB?

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-Xms specifies the initial (or minimum) size of the heap.
-Xmx specifies the maximum size of the heap.

In this combination the specify that the heap should be exactly 256 MB.

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Note that the MaxPermSize is also 256 MB, but that is different than the heap. That is space that is allocated for things like classes that have been loaded. It's space is separate, so your application (potentially) use up to 512 MB with these settings. –  jhericks Sep 14 '11 at 18:38

The -Xms is the starting size for the heap. The -Xmx is the maximum size for the heap.

This means that -Xms256M and -Xmx256M will give a heap of 256MB that is not allowed to expand.

However, keep in mind that this does not include other memory structures that the JVM will allocate, and so the overall usage may exceed this.

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