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Getting Started With iPhone Development

I have been hired for iphone development in a digital arts group. I have previous experience in android/Java and C/C++. The project which I ll work is related to iphone game development. I have no previous experience in iphone dev. So now how would you ppl suggest me to start ? as I ll be working on iphone game dev in next few weeks.

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Look for an iPhone device at first –  beryllium Sep 14 '11 at 13:13

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There are some great guides out there to help get started. One set of books I found incredibly helpful getting started was the Apress series of programming books, particularly Beginning iPhone 4 Development.

Apple provides some useful documentation on writing in objective-c, including common design patterns and conventions: The Objective-C Programming Language.

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+1 for a press series (books are by Jeff LaMarche/Dave Mark and are excellent). –  Jesse Naugher Sep 14 '11 at 13:57

Stanford iPhone Course is a good place to start with.

They have Apple employees as lecturers, and all is video taped from Stanford classes, it's available for free on iTunes.

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I suggest to just install xCode, and play around for a while. If you have already any experience in C/C++, you will discover the features of objective-C in a while. Otherwise connect to Apple Developer Center, and follow some tutorials, wich will teach you all the needs for iOS.


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There are some good posts here on StackOverflow. Here is one that gives general iOS Resources:

Best book / resources for learning iOS programming?

Here is one for Cocos2D (a game engine):

Cocos2d Resources

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