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The Win32 function GetKeyNameText will provide the name of keyboard keys in the current input locale.

From MSDN:

The key name is translated according to the layout of the currently installed keyboard, thus the function may give different results for different input locales.

Is it possible to force the input locale for a short amount of time? Or is there another alternative to GetKeyNameText that will always return the name in english?

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I found the answer, and it works:

CString csLangId;
HKL hLocale = LoadKeyboardLayout( (LPCTSTR)csLangId, KLF_ACTIVATE );
HKL hPrevious = ActivateKeyboardLayout( hLocale, KLF_SETFORPROCESS );

// Call GetKeyNameText

ActivateKeyboardLayout( hPrevious, KLF_SETFORPROCESS );
UnloadKeyboardLayout( hLocale );
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Switching Keyboard layout to English takes very long time. Also switching layout back does not work for me. –  Serg Mar 17 at 4:12

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