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I want protect web-application for administrator/other with physical access to server.

Any ideas?


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How physical is physical? :P

Your webserver (let's say Apache) needs to access your files. It runs under a user account (www-data or apache or something). Ergo: the files for the webapplication should be accessible to this other user.

An administrator (root user?) can impersonate any user, and has access to all files, so if you're dealing with a very smart administrator he can always get to your files.

You could run your webserver on a different account, and encrypt the part of your disk where the web application files are running. But since the webserver needs to decrypt it, the decryption key has to be stored somewhere, and the administrator has access to it.

So, I'd go for obfuscating your web application with (in case of PHP) something like Zend Guard, this makes the source unreadable. With a license manager on top the source is quite useless outside the server. (Not completely unbreakable though).

The only way to make really sure your sources are safe, you should be the only one with access to the root/administrator account. Physical access can only be prevented by hosting your own server in a secure data center...

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Thanks for confirm. I have root, but physical access is physical access :D I'm probably too paranoid :) Best solution is probably use bcompiler or etc. –  nagmanat Sep 14 '11 at 13:26
But what do you mean with physical access? If some hooks up a monitor and keyboard (not possible with VPS), they'll still get a login prompt. If someone opens up the VPS server, gets the hard disk, hooks it up to it's own pc, get's your VHD, then he has access... Get a more professional (and dedicated) host if this is a real issue. And obfuscation/compilation will never hurt (although it's not real security) –  Grad van Horck Sep 14 '11 at 13:46

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