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The question I have is about the general functionality of the back button in wizards. I was thinking about the possible behaviors of this button and I couldn't find any clue which one is the right choice between these two options.

1- It should show the previous page and the changes made in the current form shouldn't be saved.

2- It should show the previous page and the changes made in the current form should be saved.

I would like to know which option you think is the correct behavior for the back button and why.

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The pretty sensible Windows guideline from Microsoft is;

Preserve user selections through navigation.

For example, if the user makes changes, clicks Back and then Next, those changes should be preserved. Users don't expect to have to re-enter changes unless they explicitly chose to clear them.

See UX Wizards guide.

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Thanks for the very informative response. After reading the link I came across another hint that says. don't confuse navigational buttons (Next and Back) with commit buttons. Next means to progress in the wizard without commitment; Back should always be available on the next page, and clicking Back should undo the effect of the last Next button So does this imply that committing changes are different from preserving them? –  Saffar Sep 14 '11 at 16:13
Yea, if a page causes X to happen (committing - say creating a registry entry) based on a value in a textbox then going forward then back again should undo X but keep the value in the textbox the same –  Alex K. Sep 14 '11 at 16:22

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