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I have a server.js with many functions.

app.post '/record2', (req,res) ->
app.post '/record', (req,res) ->
app.post '/incoming', (req,res) ->
app.post '/call', (req,res) ->


It's starting to become very confusing. What's the best way to make the server.js cleaner and easier to understand?


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Functions doesn't make code confusing. Only the code inside them. –  Epeli Sep 14 '11 at 20:53

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Another strategy would be to use a catch-all route like this :


and use a switch statement to call the required function based on the value of


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As you can see here (lines 231 through 235.)

switch (config.method) {

    case 'GET': server.get(config.path, internals.preprocessRequest, routes, config.handler, internals.finalizeResponse); break;
    case 'POST': server.post(config.path, internals.preprocessRequest, routes, config.handler, internals.finalizeResponse); break;
    default: process.exit(1); break;

the routes and the handlers are in different modules.

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I assume you're using Express? Something I've done in the past is create modules for related handlers. E.g.,

Something like this in record-handlers.js:

module.exports = {
    record2: function(req, res) { ... },
    record: function(req, res) { ... }

And then in server.js:

var recordHandlers = require('./record-handlers');

app.post('/record2', recordHandlers.record2);
app.post('/record', recordHandlers.record);

*My apologies for converting your Coffeescript to JS - I don't know CS at all.

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