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I have a table with survey data and another with data about each respondent to the survey. One table (data) has 3 fields "name", "contact" and "participate". The other table (attributes) contains more details about the "name" and also contains a "participate" value.

I would like to update table data with the "participate" value from table "attributes", if the "name" in table "attributes" matches either the "name" or "contact" in table "data".

I wrote this:

UPDATE data 
SET participate = (SELECT attributes.participate
FROM attributes

This updates the "participate" value in the "data" table, but how can I also update the "participate" value if the name also appears in the contact field of the "data" table? If I run another query with:


then this updates all values in the "data" table, rather than only the ones that match. Your help would be appreciated!

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Give this a try:

data as d inner join attributes as a on = or =
set d.participate = a.participate
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That worked - thanks for your very quick reply! – tomp Sep 14 '11 at 13:48

Try this:

update data d, attributes a
   set d.participate = a.participate
 where = or =
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Many thanks - this also works as well. – tomp Sep 14 '11 at 13:56

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