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Has anyone been able to customize a Facebook feed post by using parameters like from, to, actions, etc, as documented here:

For example HTTP POSTing this string:


to works fine and posts to your feed. Similarly parameters like picture, description, etc all work too.

But I can't get the more complicated parameters to work. Does anyone know the proper formatting? My guess below, and similar combinations, doesn't work at the moment:

message=mymessage&access_token=mytokenstring&from={"name":"Bob", "id":"123456"}

thanks for any help!

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This is how I used PHP to implement actions:

$attachment = array
 'message' => 'I\'ve been testing my IQ!',
 'name' => 'IC-YOUR-IQ',
 'caption' => 'This is my result:',
 'link' => '',
 'actions' => array('name'=>'Sweet FA','link'=>''),
 'description' => $cmsg,
 'picture' => ''

The key line is the "actions" element. From my experiments I was only ever able to get one action to appear. But hopefully you get the picture.

The full article I wrote on this can be found here:

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hmm that makes sense but doesn't appear to work. In the end they are expecting json I guess. Also I don't think 'from' or 'to' tags are supported when creating a post, but actions are. This string worked:

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close, but it should be:


so mainKey[subKey]=value&mainKey[subKey2]=value2

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In javascript you can use the function ui , with the feed method, There is an example here:

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