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In Eclipse, how to make Shift+Enter to not send a commit immediately?

In most editting contexts in software (editors, browsers, etc.), Shift+Enter makes a hard linebreak, but in Eclipse when you compose a commit message before making commit to a version control system, hitting Shift+Enter will make the commit immediately. Is there a way to override this sometimes-inconvenient behavior?

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One option is to disable this command.

  • Hit the CTRL+SHIFT+L twice.
  • Preferances window will be opened.
  • Go to Shift+Enter in Binding column.
  • Click on Unbind Command button to disable it.
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As Craig Pemberton mentioned, this won't change the aforementioned unwanted behaviour. –  Haroldo_OK Jan 20 '14 at 11:35

I'm putting this here because it's not apparent where to reply to the previous answer.

These instructions are incorrect. Ctrl+Shift+L twice does not open my preferences. You must then navigate to General>Keys. Then under the binding column you can find Shift+Enter but it is only set to "Insert Line Below Current Line". Unbinding this command does not change behaviour when committing.

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Indeed, "Insert Line Below Current Line" is actually the behaviour we would expect; instead, the commit dialog is somehow overriding that. –  Haroldo_OK Jan 20 '14 at 11:37

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