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I've been working on a drupal site. During the course of editing it i've added data, removed fields, made new fields, removed data, and added more data. Now the site is almost ready to go- but I feel like the database is very messy (with revisions to fields, etc)

How can I best clean-up my site before the official roll out? Also, what are good practices to use while adding/deleting fields so I dont run into this?

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I recommend that you look at the Features module & related hangers-on. While it is generally (amongst a host of other things) used to deploy structural changes from staging to production, you should be able to pick & choose what you want to export. This should be able to solve your issue.

For data, there is the migrate module which is muy powerful.

Recommended search keywords: deployment, staging, production, features

There are a few guides out there that should help. I'm not sure how current they are w.r.t. D7. But they should point you in the right direction in terms of recommended workflow.

I also caution you to be careful and test things out before using this on a routine basis. Backup frequently etc. I'm also assuming that you are using some form of revision control for your code.


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This is not really an answer to the problem described here... –  luksak Jun 5 '13 at 7:58

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