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From my app running on GAE, I want to be able to post tweets periodically.

I've a code with which I am able to post tweets from localhost.

import urllib
import urllib2
import simplejson as json
import oauth2 as oauth 

consumer_key = ""
consumer_key_secret = ""
oauth_token = ""
oauth_token_secret = ""

consumer = oauth.Consumer(key=consumer_key, secret=consumer_key_secret)
access_token = oauth.Token(key=oauth_token, secret=oauth_token_secret)
client = oauth.Client(consumer, access_token)

url = ""
data = {'status': 'post this'}
response, data = client.request(url,'POST',urllib.urlencode(data))

Since oauth2 library is not available on GAE, I want to know the easiest means to be able to run the code on GAE.

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You can check for this exmpale. Need to upload oauth2 folder along with your source.

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oauth2 is a pure-python module; it should run fine on App Engine - just bundle it with your app.

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