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I can't quite figure out the syntax for sorting multiple MvcContrib grids. I know the recommendation from Jeremy Skinner here is to use the Bind attribute but I just can't get it right.

Here is my controller:

public ActionResult Index([Bind](Prefix="grid1")GridSortOptions sort)\\how do I reference the prefix of my second grid?
  ViewData["sort"] = sort;
  var products = _productService.GetAllProducts();
  var categories = _categoryService.GetAllCategories();

  //Here is where I am stuck
  if(sort.Column != null)
     products = products.OrderBy(sort.Column, sort.Direction);
     //how do I reference the sort columns of my second grid?

  var model = new ContainerModel
                Products = products,
                Categories = categories

  return View(model);

I guess I really don't understand everything about the Bind attribute. I tried adding a second GridSortOptions argument but that was not successful.

Here are my views if this helps.

.Sort((GridSortOptions)ViewData["sort"], "grid1")//Grid 1
.Sort((GridSortOptions)ViewData["sort"], "grid2")//Grid 2

Any ideas? Thanks.

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Any luck with this yet? I'm having similar woes. – Mike Cheel Sep 22 '11 at 18:16

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I figured out my problem from my post:

MVCContrib Grid - Sort(GridSortOptions, prefix) not generating links for sorting

It is possible that the default binder is not pre-populating your parameters and so your GridSortoptions are probably null which means no links ultimately.

Also, just create a second GridSortOptions parameter for the second grid and use that in the call to Sort().

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It might be helpful for others to know that for this to work, you need to set a prefix for each of the grids to be sorted on the same page. As in: .Sort((GridSortOptions)ViewData["fooSort"],"foo") – LOAS Feb 8 '12 at 7:32
Good point LOAS. – Mike Cheel Feb 8 '12 at 16:21

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