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Am wanting to dump data to a json from Django 1.3 fixtures using the following but the result is an empty list. Anything that am doing wrong here?

python manage.py dumpdata <app-name> --format=json --indent 5 > C:\temp\tt.json

Edit: The app of interest is not the default database alias. Am able to successfully use dumpdata for default database alias with/without mentioning the <app-name> but unable for other databases.


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New in Django 1.2 is a common --database option for all manage.py commands. You can use an '=' or a space in that. So give this a try:

python manage.py dumpdata <app-name> --database <other_db> --format=json --indent 5 > C:\temp\tt.json

Also, I've found a more flexible solution to dumpdata. For one, dumpdata (doc) can be confusing if you have custom managers on your model though this straightened out a little bit with Django 1.3's --all option. For two, dumpdata doesn't order its output and that annoys me when I want clean, shining fixture data. Or say you only want some of the model data dumped/exported. Instead I use Django Serialization. This allows me to pick out whatever data I want with normal Querysets - filtered, ordered, exluded, etc - and then serialize it to JSON (or XML). Example:

python manage.py shell
>>> from django.core import serializers
>>> from <your project>.<app>.models import MyModel
>>> serializers.serialize('json', MyModel.objects.all().order_by('name'), use_natural_keys=True)

Then reformat in a text editor and paste into a fixtures file.

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Super. Thanks a ton for all the useful info.. – Sidharth Sharma Sep 14 '11 at 18:40

Should be --indent=5 not --indent 5. Not sure if that's your problem, but worth trying.

Also, FWIW, JSON is the default, so --format=json is unnecessary.

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Actually, just tested that and the missing = doesn't cause a problem after all. What you have should work. Are you sure there's actually data? – Chris Pratt Sep 14 '11 at 16:52
Yes there is data. <model-name>.objects.all() brings back results! – Sidharth Sharma Sep 14 '11 at 17:36

First of all, try this:

python manage.py dumpdata <app-name>

if You see same data in the output, the the second one should work!

after, try this out:

python manage.py dumpdata <app-name> --indent 2 > C:\temp\tt.json

HOWEVER make sure that it is in your settings.INSTALLED_APPS and also it has the exactly same name!

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