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I have an Ext.form.Panel containing a grid and some text fields for editing each row in the grid. It is very similar to this: , only that there is no AJAX involved; my data store is local.

How can I submit the grid's rows via a standard POST?

If I simply do myForm.submit(), there are two issues:

  1. The fields for editing the grid's rows are being validated. They should be ignored when submitting the form.

  2. No data from the grid is being submitted.

The only solution I see is to somehow prevent the fields from being validated and create some hidden fields containing the data from each row. Is there any better option?

Thank you in advance!

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it's not clear exactly what you mean... maybe put a sample of your form that you are trying to submit. And the grid is ignored because the submit only processes form fields that have a name assigned – nscrob Sep 14 '11 at 17:45
I've made some edits. I hope it's a bit clearer now. I've also added the solution I used. – liviucmg Sep 17 '11 at 12:37
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Here's the solution I used:

  1. For ignoring certain fields from the form upon submitting, I've overwritted the getFields() method of the form. Nasty, I know. In the code below, the fields with an 'ignoreInMainForm' property will be ignored.

    Ext.getCmp('myForm').getForm().getFields = function() {
        var fields = this._fields;
        if (!fields) {
            var s = [],
            t = this.owner.query('[isFormField]');
            for (var i in t) {
                if (t[i]['ignoreInMainForm'] !== true) {
            fields = this._fields = Ext.create('Ext.util.MixedCollection');
        return fields;
  2. For submitting the grid's data, I encode all the rows in a single JSON object that I add in the form's baseParams.

    var myItems = myStore.getRange();
    var myJson = [];
    for (var i in myItems) {
            'a': myItems[i].get('a'),
            'b': myItems[i].get('b'),
    Ext.getCmp('formHiddenId').setValue(Ext.encode(myJson ));
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That partially worked for me - in ExtJS 4.0.2a, I couldn't add to the baseParams, so instead I triggered the send handler to instead do:

function prepareToSendForm(a, b) {
var myItems = Ext.getCmp('grid-links').store.getRange();
var myJson = [];
for (var i in myItems) {
        'title': myItems[i].get('title'),
        'url': myItems[i].get('url'),
        'refreshes': myItems[i].get('refreshes')

//Update the hidden field to be the JSON of the Grid
for (var i=0, len=Ext.getCmp('roomCreateForm').getForm()._fields.items.length; i<len; i++) {
    var item = Ext.getCmp('roomCreateForm').getForm()._fields.items[i];
    if ('roomLinks') {


Which worked lie a charm (but isn't very plug-and-play). I had to create a hidden field (named roomLinks above) in the form, and the second for loop above finds that and replaces the value with the JSONed results.

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