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i have a custom buildchain for an android project. there is a build.xml and build.properties. build.properties contains this line:

manifest.file =${env.WORK_FOLDER}/AndroidManifest.xml

and WORK_FOLDER is correctly set to proj_root_work.

the layout is like the following:

proj_root-_work [DIR] (some stuff gets preprocessed and all finally copied here - src, res, assets and the AndroidManifest.xml)

then i call ant for my build configuration from the proj_root and it complains about not finding AndroidManifest.xml. when i put it in my proj_root it works, but i really want it in my _Work directory. i read that the file HAS TO BE in the root, what is the point then of the build.properties entry? also i saw some custom parameters to aapt.exe ...

any hints welcome, thx

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Why not copying your manifest to the root using ANT before compiling and then remove it when job is complete? –  JohnUopini Sep 14 '11 at 17:52
thx, i've already thought about that. either this or how i do it right now, with a batch script. i just wanted to know if there are other solutions ... –  didito Sep 14 '11 at 18:15

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You can give ant instructions to use an alternate AndroidManifest.xml location by using a definition given to aapt during the build, e.g "app_manifest":

ant -Dapp_manifest=_Work/AndroidManifest.xml

Then, add the following block to build.xml:

    <target name="-package-resources" depends="-crunch">
    <!-- only package resources if *not* a library project -->
    <do-only-if-not-library elseText="Library project: do not package resources..." >
        <aapt executable="${aapt}"
            <res path="${out.res.absolute.dir}" />
            <res path="${resource.absolute.dir}" />
            <!-- <nocompress /> forces no compression on any files in assets or res/raw -->
            <!-- <nocompress extension="xml" /> forces no compression on specific file extensions in assets and res/raw -->

This will resolve "app_manifest" to whatever you give it.

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I just simply put

<property name="manifest.file" value="AndroidManifest.xml.tmp" />

in the build.xml, below this line

<property file="local.properties" />

and it works well

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