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I am runing JBoss AS 5 on Unix. I want to start visualGC remotely from windows 7.

First, I have create an RMI Registry on port 8725 -because the RMI registery default port was busy- using the command rmiregistry 8725 &.

Second, I tried to start a jstatd server using the command jstatd -p 8725 -J-Djava.security.policy=/app/home/user/jstatd.policy

Third, I started the Jboss Server.

Fourth, I got the process id of the server which is 8627.

Last, I returned to windows 7 and I tried to run this command visualgc 8627@XX.XXX.X.XX:8725.Unfortunately it returned with the following error:

RMI Registry not available at XX.XXX.X.XX:8725 Connection refused to host: XX.XXX.X.XX; nested exception is: java.net.ConnectException: Connection timed out: connect

Can you please explain to me what I am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.

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because the RMI registry default port was busy

Why was it busy? Port 1099 has been reserved by the IETF for the RMI Registry since at least 1996. Maybe there was already an RMI Registry running?

java.net.ConnectException: Connection timed out: connect

That means that that host:port is reachable from your host but did not respond. Maybe there is a firewall in the way?

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Thanks. However, I got a new error msg Remote Exception attaching to rmi://9489@ –  M.ES Sep 15 '11 at 7:51

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