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I am trying to use windows forms databinding to hook up a combobox to a ViewModel class.

var items = new BindingList<Person>();
comboBox.DataSource = items;
comboBox.DisplayMember = "Name";

All works ok except when I remove items from the list. For example if I remove the currently selected item (selected in the combobox) the selectedIndexChanged and SelectedValueChanged events of the combobox don't fire.

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Found an answer. I had to use a BindingSource as middleman

  var bindingsSource = new BindingSource();
  bindingsSource.DataSource = new BindingList<Person>();
  comboBox1.DataSource = bindingsSource;
  comboBox1.DisplayMember = "Name";

This way I do get value changed events and even more than one when I deleted something.

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Is this considered a Microsoft bug? Is there any official write-up on it? –  Denise Skidmore Nov 8 '13 at 16:25

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