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I have a same task that i want to run twice - one after 30min, one after 120 min.

I am writing it this way now, but i am sure there is a better way around it

  def postpone_30_min
    // same task
  handle_asynchronously :postpone_30_min, :run_at => { 30.minutes.from_now }

  def postpone_120_min
    // same task
  handle_asynchronously :postpone_120_min, :run_at => { 1200.minutes.from_now }
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Try this (assuming you are using the latest version of DJ):

class Foo
  after_create :schedule_reminder    

  def send_reminder


  def schedule_reminder
    delay(:run_at => 30.minutes.from_now).send_reminder
    delay(:run_at => 2.hours.from_now).send_reminder
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do you know how to do it with the handle_asyn... line? – baash05 Feb 22 '13 at 0:15

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