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I am writing my own little user mode debugger for fun. I know that the entry point specified in the PE header is not the programs defined main() (as far as microsoft c++ runtime is concerned anyway)

Where can I find some documentation on the calls that take place between this entry point, up until the actual main() function, and why they are called, and what they do?

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Highly implementation specific. What platform? Compiler? – Lightness Races in Orbit Sep 14 '11 at 17:17
Visual studio 2010, Pe32+ format windows 7 x64 – Lynn Sep 14 '11 at 17:21
It is runtime internals so you have following options: debug/disassemble or search over hackers (in good sense) resources. – Andrey Sep 14 '11 at 17:24
I can't answer your question, but I tagged it so it might be more likely to get an answer. – Omnifarious Sep 14 '11 at 17:49
Here is a good article on what GCC does on start-up. Also check out the crt source code that's shipped with MSVC, crt0.c in particular. – user786653 Sep 14 '11 at 17:58

You can't. In fact main may not exist. E.g: you can override the default CRT entry point used by the linker, the main can be inlined into the CRT startup function, etc...

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I guess his question really is what happens between entry point and startup function, it is not really about main. – Andrey Sep 14 '11 at 17:25

AFAIK the calls etc., the action of the code, is not documented except by the source code itself.

Place cursor first in main and use debugger "run to here". Or set a breakpoint there. Then just inspect the calls in the call stack.

Cheers & hth.,

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The source code for the CRT comes with Visual Studio. For example, for Visual Studio 2010 default installation location, it's at:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\VC\crt\src

The actual main() is in crt0.c.

The different types of CRT (static, DLL, MT, x86, x64, etc.) are controlled by some defines like CRTDLL, _M_IA64 and more. You'll see when you dig in.

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