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I want to create a socket for receiving ICMP6 packets - to be more precise Neighbor Solicitation Messages that are sent to multicast address ff02::1:ff00:0000/104.

The problem is that when I'm using a socket that I created like this...


... I obviously only get to receive these messages if my interface is in the right group (as determined by the target address of the NS message).

The question is: How do I get my socket to read ALL ICMP6 messages, no matter which multicast group they are sent to?

I had hoped IPV6_JOIN_GROUP with a zero-ed address field would work (some implementations allows this to join all groups), but Linux doesn't support this.

Is this possible to achieve without having to switch from IPPROTO_ICMPV6?

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Not possible due to design of multicast. If you limit your requirements you could hack something. For example using a network hub or network switch with mirror port and using promiscuous mode to read all network traffic. –  Steve-o Sep 15 '11 at 15:04
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